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Charcuterie Boxes

medium charcuterie box

Looking for the Perfect Food for Your Get-Together?

Satisfy everyone at your party with custom charcuterie boxes in Cedar Rapids, IA

Planning on hosting a little get-together at your house? Even if the only guests are you, a good bottle of wine and your favorite TV show, one of the amazing charcuterie boxes from The Hangry Lady LLC in Cedar Rapids, IA would be a perfect dining option. Our spreads include a variety of cheeses, cured meats, fruit, veggies, spreads and dips, nuts, breads and crackers - and we even have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free charcuterie options available.

Any occasion is a good occasion to enjoy great food. Call today to let Chef Allie know what you'd like in your box. If you can't decide, she can always put together a spread from seasonal chef picks.

large charcuterie box
small charcuterie box

Is there really such thing as too much charcuterie?

Some people may say that you can have too much of a good thing, but those people clearly haven't tried Chef Allie's charcuterie boxes yet. In any case, it can be helpful to know how many each box feeds. Our sizes are listed below:

Small (serves 2-3): $40
Medium (serves 4-6): $70

Large (serves 8-10): $130
Extra-large (serves 15-20): $180
*Custom boxes may have a $20 variable

Ask about our gluten free and vegan substitutions! 

extra large charcuterie box
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